Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest: the first of TWO 4th PLACE winners, “The Last Time She Saw Her Brother” by Maribel C. Pagan

This story of mine won 4th place in a writing contest–check it out! 🙂

Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest

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today, the first of TWO 4th place winners

* 4th Place Winner *

The Last Time She Saw Her Brother

by Maribel C. Pagan

Maribel shares 4th place with Leta McCurry, whose story we will feature tomorrow.

Maribel and Leta will each receive a $10 gift card, compliments of author and sponsor Annette Robinson, who donated this prize to our contest.

Also, both 4th place winners get serious bragging rights.

Reading the title I thought maybe it’d be sad, maybe it’d be a happy reunion; you never know. But I had a feeling it was going to be sad.

That’s okay. We have to appreciate each piece for what it is, and how well it delivers its story.

Because of the emotions involved, some stories are easier to read than others, but delivering a great story is what matters most. This piece did that.

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A Few Pieces of News

First off, I won 4th place in a writing contest! It’s super-exciting for sure!!! Check out the Contest winners here: https://danalatorre.com/2017/08/15/here-are-you-winners-dan-alatorres-word-weaver-writing-contest-oct-2017/ It’s amazing!! My winning piece will be featured on their site soon, so stay tuned for the link to be posted on the Works page and here on the blog.

I’m also announcing that I’m currently working on two major projects (aka novels) and, starting September, I may write a little about how those ones are going. One of them is a YA Fantasy novel (haha, shocker, right?) and the other is a Young Adult Coming-of-Age novel. Both are very different in a ton of ways, and that will be shared here eventually.

Last thing: Have you checked out the new magazine, Seshat? If you haven’t, click the link I’ve provided and check it out! Submissions have begun to slow down, but we’re still open to pieces in case you have something YOU want to share through our magazine! The magazine’s deadline is September 1, 2017, and the official release date is September 15, 2017. We still have some room to include your pieces!

That’s just about all I wanted to share right now. Have a great day, everyone, and enjoy these last days of summer!