My New Year’s Resolution

We have finally reached the last day of the year–the last day we’ll hear from each other this year before inviting the new one in through our doorstep. I have to say, it has been a rollercoaster ride for me. I am sure many of you can agree. Who expected it to go by this fast? Or be this hectic, for that matter?

With the end of a new year comes the review of past resolutions (did we accomplish them? Did we fail them in any way?), and a new list of resolutions.

I guess I did pretty well with my last New Year’s resolutions. My list went a little something like this:

  • Be a better person
  • Become a more positive person
  • Write more
  • …and so on.

I have accomplished them as well as I believe any human can. But this year, I am changing my list a little bit. This time around, I am only committing to one resolution, and I believe everything else will follow from there. My one resolution for this upcoming year of 2017 is this:

  • I will pursue making my writing a career instead of putting it off like I used to. Writing is my passion, and I want to make that passion available to the world.

Because, you see, for me writing is more than just a career. It is my passion. It is the one thing that makes me feel more alive than anything else ever does. But for years when I knew I could be starting up my writing career and living out my passion, I instead began putting it off. I kept saying, “Oh, it will soon happen.” Sure, it can happen somehow in some way, but it’s better to make it happen sooner rather than later.

This is my one intention for this year. My one resolution. I believe that everything else I would like to improve about my life will follow along from here. Because if I’m not living out my one deepest desire…

What am I living for, then?