Pre-Order The Box Under the Bed Anthology!

I wanted to give a heads-up–I am appearing in The Box Under the Bed, and the Kindle copy is officially being released by October 1st! A bonus story by the amazing author, Dan Alatorre, will be included for all who pre-order! Plus, you’ll get a chance to read an award-winning story by yours truly.

An added BONUS: ONLY 99 cents!

Consider purchasing now on Amazon. Hope to read your reviews (whether love it or hate it) soon!

“The First Thorn” on The Voices Project

I’ve been waiting months for this poem to be released, and it’s finally here! I wrote this last year and submitted it, thinking it wouldn’t even be seriously considered. Instead, it was accepted at my first try with The Voices Project, and I’m glad to be sharing it with you through this amazing publication!

Excerpt (so you’ll seriously consider checking out the link):


till your heart bleeds out

into a thousand glass pieces

scattered upon the blood-stained floor,… (read more here!)

Seshat Literary Magazine – Issue 1 Release

I wanted to quickly announce that the first issue of Seshat has been put up! Link is here:

Seshat Literary Magazine – Issue 1

I hope you all enjoy perusing its pages and enjoy the plentiful, beautiful works found in this first issue.