#1 Bestselling Horror Anthology!

Do you want to hear something exciting?


That’s what I thought! We all love hearing exciting things. Here’s something exciting from the anthology I have been published in, The Box Under the Bed. Remember this cover?

The Box Under the Bed Anthology Cover

Well, we reached among the top 5000 and it is officially a #1 bestseller horror anthology! Number 1–above all other published horror anthologies!!!

Now I know you need proof of this, so here’s some photographic proof:

Amazon Bestselling Horror Anthology

Top 5000 Highest!


This is huge and incredible! I’m so grateful it went this far. And it has some pretty great ratings so far.

If you’d like to purchase this book from Amazon, be sure to visit the link here. Hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else has so far!!!

A Few Pieces of News

First off, I won 4th place in a writing contest! It’s super-exciting for sure!!! Check out the Contest winners here: https://danalatorre.com/2017/08/15/here-are-you-winners-dan-alatorres-word-weaver-writing-contest-oct-2017/ It’s amazing!! My winning piece will be featured on their site soon, so stay tuned for the link to be posted on the Works page and here on the blog.

I’m also announcing that I’m currently working on two major projects (aka novels) and, starting September, I may write a little about how those ones are going. One of them is a YA Fantasy novel (haha, shocker, right?) and the other is a Young Adult Coming-of-Age novel. Both are very different in a ton of ways, and that will be shared here eventually.

Last thing: Have you checked out the new magazine, Seshat? If you haven’t, click the link I’ve provided and check it out! Submissions have begun to slow down, but we’re still open to pieces in case you have something YOU want to share through our magazine! The magazine’s deadline is September 1, 2017, and the official release date is September 15, 2017. We still have some room to include your pieces!

That’s just about all I wanted to share right now. Have a great day, everyone, and enjoy these last days of summer!

My Ultimate Writing Goal

I have been struck with a wave of ideas, ideas that are popping up too quickly for me to jot down into the novel-length forms I want to write. The problems of transferring schools has made it hard for me to get myself writing, because I know I’ll be stalled once I return to school. What would’ve taken me a few months to write first drafts of one, maybe even two, novels now feels as if it will take over a year to write just one.

I don’t give up hope though, dear readers, because writing is what I intend to do for the rest of my life. Though I may continue to write for literary journals, that’s not exactly my lifelong goal. I want to write young adult books, particularly in the fantasy and science fiction sub-genres. Once I reach the goal of publication of my first novel, I have to continue jotting down every single idea that leaps into my brain and quickly put it into words others can read and enjoy.

Although it will be a long journey ahead of me, I intend to move forward. It may be years before I see any one of my books in print, but I will get there.

I just need to aim for that goal, and continue no matter what life throws my way.

Friday News – Literary Magazines + A New Radio Show On the Block

Hello, and welcome to my update for this Friday!

First and foremost, I will be published in a few different places within the upcoming year: Moledro in March, and The Voices Project in September. I will be posting links to their issues once several of my poems have been published there. I am also being reviewed by several other Magazines, so stay tuned for more news on that.

Also, on Twitter I am currently watching and posting with the hashtag #writingwithpassion, because I absolutely love writing with passion and sharing that passion for writing with others. It is passion that drives the world, and I would like to encourage that same passion I feel on a daily basis. I will regularly post with this hashtag, so you may keep on the lookout for that.

I am also going to be hosting my own radio show, The Maddie Show. It will be appearing every Tuesday from 10 AM to 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the WLMU Radio Station. You can find out more information about where to locate the radio show here:


In my radio show, I plan to feature: Positive News Story of the Week, Independent/Growing Artists, and Le Moyne’s Featured Poet of the Week. Feel free to tune in! If you would like to have one of your songs/instrumentals featured, please contact me through the contact form on this blog or via Twitter here, and I will decide if your song is eligible to be shown at my show. This process will be decided according to the criteria of the College and according to my own individual criteria. The song must be clean and free from vulgar language, must be clearly heard (make sure it’s not staticky, or at least not too staticky), that it’s not hard to hear your voice/instrument, and that it is profound/outstanding.

Unfortunately at this time I can only feature poets from the realm of the Le Moyne College campus, but I plan to extend this to others by next semester. Stay tuned.

That is all for this week’s news. Tune in this upcoming Tuesday from 10 AM to 11 AM. Mark your calendars, and have a blessed weekend!

My New Year’s Resolution

We have finally reached the last day of the year–the last day we’ll hear from each other this year before inviting the new one in through our doorstep. I have to say, it has been a rollercoaster ride for me. I am sure many of you can agree. Who expected it to go by this fast? Or be this hectic, for that matter?

With the end of a new year comes the review of past resolutions (did we accomplish them? Did we fail them in any way?), and a new list of resolutions.

I guess I did pretty well with my last New Year’s resolutions. My list went a little something like this:

  • Be a better person
  • Become a more positive person
  • Write more
  • …and so on.

I have accomplished them as well as I believe any human can. But this year, I am changing my list a little bit. This time around, I am only committing to one resolution, and I believe everything else will follow from there. My one resolution for this upcoming year of 2017 is this:

  • I will pursue making my writing a career instead of putting it off like I used to. Writing is my passion, and I want to make that passion available to the world.

Because, you see, for me writing is more than just a career. It is my passion. It is the one thing that makes me feel more alive than anything else ever does. But for years when I knew I could be starting up my writing career and living out my passion, I instead began putting it off. I kept saying, “Oh, it will soon happen.” Sure, it can happen somehow in some way, but it’s better to make it happen sooner rather than later.

This is my one intention for this year. My one resolution. I believe that everything else I would like to improve about my life will follow along from here. Because if I’m not living out my one deepest desire…

What am I living for, then?