Moledro Magazine Issue 5 Release!

I am pleased to inform you that Moledro Magazine, Issue 5 has been released! My two poems, “Pandora’s Box” and “A Flashback” can be found within the magazine. These poems are about my own experience living with the memories of a series of traumatic events and being forced to relive them (PTSD). Although it is a difficult topic to approach altogether, I took care to make sure that no event was explicitly mentioned in either of these poems.

Click here to read my poems. To find a listing of all the issues of Moledro Magazine, click here. All contributor bios, including my own, can be found here.

I hope you all enjoy the magazine! Feel free to comment here, or via the contact form, what you think of my poems: whether you liked them or not, if you can think of any way for me to improve on my future poems, etc. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Have a wonderful day, folks!

What Was Lost – Tanka Poem

Hello again, everyone!

Once again, I apologize for this delayed poem for Colleen’s weekly Tanka Challenge found here. I found a little bit of time to jot this down. It’s very personal to me in a particular way, so I hope you like it and I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful weekend!


Tanka Poem – Transformative Renewal

This poem is for the weekly Tanka Poetry Challenge, which you can find here.

Coming up with a title for this particular poem was a tricky process, but eventually I discovered what title this one needed. I hope it worked out, but even this title doesn’t please me as I believe it ought to. Also, finding the time to write this was especially hard, but I managed to squeeze in a little time to join this challenge (though I joined in later than most others did).

I hope you enjoy reading my poem below!


Triolet Poem – Write from the Secret Heart

Yesterday, my poem “Write from the Secret Heart” was featured on my weekly radio show, The Maddie Show, and additionally on Realistic Poetry. Realistic Poetry also fit my poem into a fantabulous photo as well!

You can find the poem on Twitter here and on Realistic Poetry’s official website here. I’m also posting the picture Realistic Poetry created here, because I feel that it was amazingly done. I will take down the photo if requested by the company.

Thanks for reading along, and I hope you like this special poem of mine!


First Day at a New College – Triolet Poem

Hey all! It’s been a while, but I thought I’d write a little something I’d share here for The Secret Keeper’s Challenge found here. I know it’s not necessarily unique and I used some substitute wording, but I thought that this poem conveys this morning well.

I should be posting a new update soon, so stay tuned. As always, thanks for reading along!