What Was Lost – Tanka Poem

Hello again, everyone!

Once again, I apologize for this delayed poem for Colleen’s weekly Tanka Challenge found here. I found a little bit of time to jot this down. It’s very personal to me in a particular way, so I hope you like it and I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful weekend!


Tanka Poem – Transformative Renewal

This poem is for the weekly Tanka Poetry Challenge, which you can find here.

Coming up with a title for this particular poem was a tricky process, but eventually I discovered what title this one needed. I hope it worked out, but even this title doesn’t please me as I believe it ought to. Also, finding the time to write this was especially hard, but I managed to squeeze in a little time to join this challenge (though I joined in later than most others did).

I hope you enjoy reading my poem below!